Green Lighting from the Green Guru Guides Kicks Off With the Philips Endura LED and May Lindstrom

Source: Philips Lighting Corporation

Photographer: Courtney Dailey

Model/Green Makeup Artist: May Lindstrom

I decided to kick off our Green Lighting book campaign at an event with Rock the Reactors on July 14th at the Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan. It symbolizes the essence of the book. If we go green with our lighting we will save energy at such a level that we would not need coal, nuclear or natural gas powerplants.  Light emitting diodes (LED) like the Endura LED from Philips Lighting provide green solutions.  

It is so amazing to the industry that, like Mother Earth, Philips is giving us this bulb as the start of a global retrofit.  For us, when photographer Courtney Dailey shot this picture with the amazing May Lindstrom whom I have known forever, it’s an inspiration.

According to Royal Philips Electronics, it has “unveiled its 12 watt EnduraLED 60bulb a few weeks ago, the industry’s first LED replacement for a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. They will be in stores in the fall. Shown for the first time here at the Lightfair International tradeshow, it marks an important breakthrough in the use of LED lighting technology in everyday applications.  Consumers will now have an LED alternative to the most commonly used incandescent bulb, which will deliver up to 80% energy savings and last 25 times longer than its century-old predecessor.”
May Lindstrom with the Endura LED 60 from Philips (copyright McGraw-Hill)May Lindstrom

As we should be aware the bulb exceeds Energy Star specifications for a 60 watt bulb.  This EnduraLED uses 12 watts of power and lumens that are considered ground breaking.

According to

CEO of Philips Lighting North America, Ed Crawford, stated that LED technology will replace all incandescent bulbs. The process will accelerate once US legislation requires the use of more energy efficient lighting begins in 2012.  Presently, Philips has a 40 watt equivalent LED bulb on the market, and the 60 watt equivalent will be available by the end of this year, well ahead of the government legislation. This will put Philips ahead of the curve and position them well as the world leader in lighting technology.

Mr. Crawford also believes new LED technology will usher in a brand new era for lighting. With most lights, people simply flick on the switch, the light comes on, and that’s the end of it. On the other hand, LED lights are programmable by color, quality, and temperature. New research in organic light emitting diode (OLED) will allow the ability to create lighting effects in the home.

LED lighting is the future, and Philips’ EnduraLED takes a strong step in that direction.

2 thoughts on “Green Lighting from the Green Guru Guides Kicks Off With the Philips Endura LED and May Lindstrom

  1. Hi,Such a great post, thanks for sharing. Your post is informatics and i hope it will be useful for me. We are Energy Saving Solutions provider offering various solutions by utilizing the energy of the Sun or providing alternate means to reduce your energy consumption levels and save the environment.LED Lighting saves up to 70% of your Lighting bills.


  2. LED lights are somewhat more efficient, IF you do not take into account the PCB's and toxic waste products that are needed to produce them in mass quantities, AND the FACT that they are all made in CHINA, and need to be loaded on to oil-burning ships, to be distrubuted across the world…This sounds like a bankster double-take scenario.FOR EXAMPLE: It takes 5 liters of water to produce a one-liter plastic bottle of water (NOT including the liter of water in this PCB-laden container).Personally, I have a hard time seeing true colors in LED-lighting, and cannot see how the 'savings' of 'energy' benefits either myself personally, my nation financially, or the environment AS A WHOLE. given the detrimental effects to the water-table by the mass production of these diodes.YES, the girl in the photo is alluring, and this just goes to PROVE the Madison-Avenue thoretic that SEX SELLS.NEXT, I will go see how importing lead-acid battery-powered automobiles from Japan and Indochina will benefit my water table, when it comes time to dispose of these batteries in a 'responsible manner', at my local landfill…and perhaps try to figure out how much oil is used to build these cars and ship them 12,000 miles…not to mention the caloric output of the lead foundries in CHINA…and the amount of HEAT required to manufacture Hydrocloric Acid…in VAST QUANTITIES, as well as the amount of oil byproducts (PLASTIC) that is used in building them, and the amount of OIL that is used in smelting the iron frames, or the amount of FLOURIDE that is disposed of in making the ALUMINIUM pieces…You call yourselves 'GREEN', but this is WORSE than you can imagine!I appreciate your efforts, don't misunderstand, BUT you are making (in my humble, but educated, opinion) some simple yet understandable judgement errors based on the lack of a 'global' view of the issues.A TRUE recycler does NOT throw away ANYTHING, but re-uses (recycles) anything that he or she purchases.I really MISS glass milk bottles and canning jars!Are you REALLY 'GREEN'?I believe that you have NOT thought your position out thoroughly.Forgive me for intruding.i found this article on:HeYoKa!


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