Green News

Green News Sites Blogs, News wires and more. All The Best of the Best Green News Sites other than The Green Living Guy!

Alternative Energy Magazine

Alternative Energy News

Alternative Energy Resource Network

BBC News Magazine

Eco Chick


Eco Snobbery Sucks

Electrifying Times

EV World

Fox Business News  Hey, they liked what I said and even gave me a link back. They loved the energy savings our government was already doing! I want to see more energy savings! Green economy!!

Go Green!

Green Goes Simple

Great Green Idea

Green Car Reports

Green Towns Talk – Blog Site for the illustrious


Huffington Post Green

International Business Times – Green Economy

Katonah Green

Kiwi Log – The Green Living Guy is A Resource For Kiwi!!

Mother Earth News

Mother Nature Network


Natural Gas Watch

National Wildlife Federation – Blog Site

Pleasantville, Briarcliff Manor, NY (My blog site)

Pleasantville – Briarcliff Manor

Renewable Energy News

ReNewable Now



Take Part – Inspiration to Action


One thought on “Green News

  1. Hello

    Apologies if you have received this info before.

    I think your readers will want to know about this exciting, new Green Technology that is proven to neutralize pollution emissions.

    Stockholm based HydroInfra Technologies STC AB has already began forming joint ventures to deploy the technology.

    HIT is also in high level talks with governments and industry bosses excited about using the technology to help combat their increasing air & ocean pollution issues.

    After several years of research & development, HIT discovered a method to generate a nano gas that neutralizes all types of pollution emissions.

    Hydro Nano Gas ( HNG ) has been independently tested and verified by government licensed inspectors. Please see the reports on the HIT web site

    HNG will be deployed into power plants and ships that burn coal and oil.

    When HNG is injected into power plant and ship exhaust outlets, the pollution emissions are neutralized instantly.

    There is zero residual pollution left over.

    HNG is safe, incredibly cost effective and can be deployed rapidly into power plants, ships and any other industrial plant with a smoke stack emitting pollution.

    HNG makes any fossil fuel carbon neutral.

    Recent pollution emission legislation for ships using EU & Baltic waters is already opening up joint ventures with HIT as shipping companies look for viable solutions to keeping their ships on the seas.

    In the USA, 1200 coal fired power plants are scheduled for closure unless they can reduce their pollution emissions. HIT has already had meetings to explore deployment of the HIT solution.

    Read more at the HIT web site:

    Thank you very much. And my apologies once again if you have already received an email about HIT from other people. A small group of us are helping with the HIT awareness campaign. We are excited about sharing the info with everyone and are sending info to web site & blog publishers.

    William Fischer.


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