Now global warming is a mortal sin

Saw this on EV World and had to just send it out. 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

I always remembered in Sunday school that we should be a green as possible to be as religious as possible.  Even my Rabbi told me recently that helping to keep our earth clean is a g-dly task.

A key international body of the Anglican Church has declared the wilful destruction of the environment to be a sin as a core group of Australian religious leaders have placed their political weight behind a campaign to fight global warming.

The environmental network of the worldwide Anglican communion has framed an urgent and strongly worded statement to the church’s global leaders warning humanity has failed to fulfil “God’s will for creation” and of the imminent “perilous and catastrophic collapse” of the Earth’s ecosystem.

The advisory body calls for environmental education of its clergy, churches to be built to conserve energy and for pressure to be applied on governments and industries to build sustainable communities “beyond” the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol has not been ratified by Australia.

“We are becoming increasingly aware that the world is being harmed by us, and we know how to eliminate the harm we are doing,” the statement says.

“This is breaking one of the most fundamental commandments known to us, in that we are knowingly causing the degradation of the world’s ecosystems out of our greed and selfishness, rather than living with and protecting the design that issues from the creator’s generosity.”

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