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There are so many television shows showing people tricking out their cars, adding better engines or doing just anything to make it go fast and be safe. Conversions of an electric vehicle do that and more. They allow the next generation to have a safer world without relying on foreign sources of oil while giving our kids really clean and cool cars to drive.

USDOE states that more than half of the oil we use everyday is imported. This level of dependence on imports (55%) is the highest in our history. They even go on to say that this dependence will increase as we use up domestic resources. Also, as a national security issue, we should all be concerned that the vast majority of the world’s oil reserves are concentrated in the Middle East (65% to 75%), and controlled by the members of the OPEC oil cartel.1

Further, USDOE goes on to state that 133 million Americans live in areas that failed at least one National Ambient Air Quality Standard. Transportation vehicles produce 25-75% of key chemicals that pollute the air, causing smog, and health problems. All new cars must meet federal emissions standards. But as vehicles get older, the amount of pollution they produce increases.

In addition, only about 15% of the energy in the fuel you put in your gas tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories like air conditioning or power steering. The rest of the energy is lost. Because of this the potential to improve fuel economy with advanced technologies is enormous.

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