NYPD To Replace Their Motorcycle Fleet With Electric Scooters

Source: Xue Cast
Posted by: Jimmy Xue in: Technology, News

A few days ago, New York Police Department ( NYPD ), one of the largest police force in the United States of America had announced that they are planning to make New York greener by replacing their gasoline motorcycle fleet with the super quiet and energy efficient electric scooters from Vectrix.

NYPD said that they will first road test four electric scooters from the Rhode Island based electric vehicle manufacturer next month, and if the road test is a success, NYPD said that they plan to order more electric scooters from Vectrix to replace their less than green motorcycle fleet.

Some of the NYPD officers are really excited with the electric scooters, because they believe that the scooters’ low noise outputs would be a good advantage for them, ” You could easily sneak up on somebody if they don’t expect it. ” said NYPD’s Detective, Derek Siconolfi.