Electric car vehicle revolution starts with Electro Automotive. It’s a Bonny Doon-based business. Thereby revolutionizing the automobile industry. All by providing kits to convert gas cars into electric vehicles. Established in 1989, spouses in force. For Mike Brown and Shari Prange, the company has since grown exponentially. In this article, we will explore the origins of Electro Automotive. For the benefits of converting your car to electric. Moreover and the future of the electric vehicle industry.

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The Beginning: Convert It

In 1989, Mike Brown and Shari Prange, electric vehicle conversion enthusiasts. All published “Convert It,” a how-to guide for transforming a gasoline car to electric. This book laid the foundation for their business, Electro Automotive. According to Brown and Prange, their company is the oldest of its kind, specializing in electric vehicle conversions.

Growth of Electro Automotive

Electro Automotive began to see growth after the first Gulf War and experienced a lull during the late 1990s. However, since 2005, the company has experienced a boom due to rising gas prices and an increasing focus on environmental issues. The federal government has played a significant role in supporting green technologies by providing tax credits to hybrid car drivers and funding alternative energy projects. Incentive programs, such as biodiesel vehicles and stations, have been put in place by Congress, further fueling the growth of green technology.

The Conversion Process

Electro Automotive sells kits that allow customers or shops to convert gas cars into electric vehicles. These kits are specifically designed for electric vehicles that plug into a socket to charge. While the minimum cost of converting a car is around $8,000, the long-term rewards are financially and environmentally enticing.

Benefits of Electric Conversion

Converting a gas car to electric has numerous benefits. For one, electric vehicles only cost between 4 and 6 cents worth of electricity per mile, which is significantly cheaper than gasoline. Additionally, electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions from a tailpipe, reducing the environmental impact.

Some may argue that pollution is simply shifted from a gas car to an electric power plant. However, Prange rebuts this idea, stating that even when considering the pollution generated at the electric power plant, an electric car is still 85-95 percent cleaner than a comparable gas car. To make a fair comparison, she adds that one must also include the pollution generated by oil refineries.

Performance of Converted Electric Vehicles

Contrary to popular belief, converting a gas car to electric does not necessarily mean sacrificing performance. Bill Lentfer, an electric car enthusiast who has worked with Brown and Prange, states that almost any gas car can be converted with the right amount of time and money. Cars with high-performance kits can reach speeds of 75-85 mph, although they typically run for less than 100 miles before needing a charge.

Electro Automotive’s Impact

Over the years, Brown and Prange have sold more than 1,000 kits and have dedicated their time to growing their industry. They teach workshops in other states and act as transportation editors for Home Power Magazine. As their business continues to grow, they contribute positively to both the economy and the environment.

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Prange believes that oil will continue to be an issue and that American manufacturers will strive to get by with hybrids for as long as possible. However, she predicts that if major electric car production occurs, it will likely come from Europe or Tokyo, leaving Detroit to play catch-up.


Electro Automotive has played a significant role in the growth of the electric vehicle industry. As pioneers in electric vehicle conversion, Brown and Prange have helped pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. With the increasing focus on green technology and alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles, Electro Automotive’s impact on the automobile industry will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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