In The Journal News For The Book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Great article and thanks to the Journal News. I recently received comments that some people thought from the picture that I am converting GEM cars or low speed vehicles.

The conversions talked about in the book are full performance vehicles.

Electric cars are coming closer to the corner auto showroom, but Seth Leitman doesn’t see the need for people to wait.

“If people want to build their own electric cars, they can,” said the Briarcliff Manor resident, owner of the ETS Energy store, an online store selling environmentally sensitive products. He also recently finished updating a book called, appropriately enough, “Build Your Own Electric Vehicle.”

In 2010, for instance, Chevrolet plans to introduce the Volt, a car expected to travel so far on pure electricity that engineers are working on ways to keep the gasoline in the fuel tank from going bad, a spokesman said.

But Leitman, 37, said there’s no need to wait for cars powered from the home outlet to come to the local car dealership. The book gives instructions on how to build an electric car from the ground up and how to convert an existing car to run off the plug.