This is surely a cool interview.

What I liked the most about it was that Josh Dorfman (The Lazy Environmetalist) and I truly wanted to create an interview that showed the greatness of a cool, fun environmental approach to electric cars.

A very very special shout out to Margaret Teich for the interview and rockin it out!!!

This green living site is always worth the read and the blessing of success.

Click the link above and check out the interview and the Lazy Environmentalist!!!

The Lazy E loves fast cars. Sleek sexy gas-less cars. That’s why electric cars get us so charged; hello Tesla, Th!nk, Aptera. But, if you are like us and still waiting in line for one of those mean muscle mobiles, consider converting your current car engine over to electric power by consulting the new book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle. In this exclusive interview, the author, Seth Leitman, gives us the clean details about electric engine conversions.

MARGARET: The first edition of ‘Build Your Own Electric Car’ was written by Bob Brant in 1994. What are the major differences between the two books?

SETH: The first and most glaring difference is that when I submitted the manuscript for the book oil had reached over $140 a barrel (when Bob Brant’s estimates for change were at $100).
Oil prices, climate change, “Who Killed The Electric Car?,” economic crisis and “Pimp My Ride.” MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” was a successful TV show about converting cars and good mechanical jobs. This lead me to the question could a car shop “pimp” and “e” my ride at the same time.

The American Spirit is partially based on our automobile. It is part of our essence and our freedom of expression and that is what makes the electric car conversion so cool and green at the same time………………………..

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