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Well some of my friends recently suggested I do a press page so here ya go:

Planet Green: The Green Lodge: A Sanctuary Amidst a Less Than Sustainable Sundance Film Festival

The Green Living Guy Arrives at the Sundance Film Festival

Cash for Clunkers Money Should Go to Plug-In Hybrid Conversions We should use a stimulus plan to get more electric cars. Also seeRead more:

Electric Car Conversions: The Benefits for You.  16 Page Excerpt of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

in MotherEarth News.

Cash or Clunkers money should go to plug-in hybrid conversions.  I wrote this article for the Daily Green.  This tory is on Yahoo Green!

Stoy from Brian Howard at the Daily Green wrote about a forum I moderated for the Go Green Expo on elctric cars, ethanol and the transportation future.

Green Car Reports liking the book with constructive suggestions for the future.

CalCars deeming Build Your Own Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle as the crown jewel of PHEV books this year.

Why Do We Need More Electric Cars?  Planet Green website. 

Electric Cars Are For Girls (and the Girl Friendly) totally supports the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle.

Story in Electrifying Times for Electric Cars and The Volt Can Transform America and the Auto Industry TODAY!!!

Seth Leitman at the Tesla Model S Launch Event in NYC

Interview with The Lazy Envrionmentalist Josh Dorfman about Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview on Eco Chick For Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview on Treehugger for Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Radio Interview With Josh Dorfman about the future of electric transportation.

NY Times Article on the Clean Commute Program I am quoted in.

NYT Article Including Seth Leitman on NYPA/TH!NK Clean Commute Program. TM

NYT Article when Electric Transportation Solutions, LLC was formed

For interviews, please contact:
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