Chris Paine and I at the Tesla Event

Source: Electrifying Times

When I attended the Tesla event way back when I forgot that I had this picture of Chris Paine and I. Chris Paine is the Director of the movie, Who Killed The Electric Car.

The movie “investigates the events leading to the quiet destruction of thousands of new, radically efficient electric vehicles. Through interviews and narrative, the film paints a picture of an industrial culture whose aversion to change and reliance on oil may be deeper then its ability to embrace ready solutions.”

Who Killed the Electric Car? and Chris Paine were nominated by the Writer’s Guild for Best Documentary of 2006. The film also received nominations from The Broadcast Critics Awards and The Environmental Media Awards for Best Documentary of 2006. The film won the audience award at the Canberra International Film Festival and won a special jury prize at the Mountain Film Festival.

He is working on a new movie called Revenge of The Electric Car. While we couldn’t hook up for an interview in his new movie; I Know it would have been cool but whatever, it was still a pleasure to meet and talk with Chris.