So Here is the Step By Step of the Electric Car Conversion and the Epiphany

So, here’s the deal.  MY most passionate part of my eco consulting I helping people convert cars to electric!!  I also help companies start-up eco friendly companies such as:

  • SunBlue Energy
  • Go Green Expo
  • Eco Cab
  • The Daily Green

A nice gentlemen, Eric Illowsky, NOW owner of Electric Cars of NY, LLC President, met me at one of my book signings over a year ago and said, “I want to get into electric cars because I think they are the future.” Yes, I am glad, so how do you want to get into the electric car business.  He says, “I think converting cars to electric makes sense and I am looking for your marketing experience.” 

OK.  So when I had the company Electric Transportation Solutions, LLC that flopped due to misdirection away from electric cars and into electric scooters and bikes..big mistake and I learned from it but regret getting away from what I loved..not fun.

Anyway, so I say I will help you learn from my mistakes and build a great business.  He says great. I say I need to Build an Electric Car so people don’t think I am a DB who tells people to get electric cars but actually has one.  Issue #1.  I started the conversion process close to a year ago with Eric.  I decided to help Eric build  the car.  You see what I love to do is write and talk about what is going on to promote electric cars, PHEVs and all green living. That makes me happy and at one with myself.  (ok I meet this one person recently that was so against my green living shit that she would have wanted to rip my head off for saying “At one with myself” but well ya know F that!  It’s me and I am happy with that!)

So as I was saying, Eric needed my help so I eco consulted him.  To me that makes me happy.  Why?  I can have the job that I can love to write about.. Cool..Ya know. Cool.

So now the electric car has been built and here are the steps that I helped their mechanic Frank Taco and Vince LaDuca who owns the great shop LaDuca Auto Body in Pleasantville, New York.  By the way, before I go there, please understand what is great about this car and the company Electric Cars of NY, LLC.  You see, they convert cars to electric and now can do plug-in hybrid electric vehicle conversions.  Now, most conversion shops are using my books Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and Build Your Own Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle as manuals to do it.  Great.  They are doing what I am talking about.  Good for them.  More power to them and I will support them how I can.  However, I realize now I don’t need to have part of his company.  I need to help companies grow.  Small businesses need to succeed in this green marketplace and the only way the can is to let people know about them; period.

That makes me happy to know I can have helped in my way; not the way that people want me to do; ya know jumping through hoops and making your life absolutely miserable for what nothing but smoke up your…..I just want to work with great people, make them grow and consult them to do it because to me that’s a homerun!!

Here’s the installation step by step.

As you can imagine and before we began working on the SAAB 900 and converting it to all electric we had to unscrew the engine from the vehicle.  I helped rip out some of the bolts and then was summoned by “the boss” my wife to the house.  As Eric brings up on his website, there is a car with a gas engine spewing at least several tons a year of poisonous gas into the Earth’s atmosphere! 

Electric motor
Then we installed the electric motor.  Look at that 9″ motor. It gives you the power of a Honda Civic so not bad at all!  It is reasonably priced in the $1,700 – $2,300 range.  We had serious reinforcements on that motor.  Frank Taco made sure that freakin motor wasn’t going anywhere. We are talking blow torches, saws the whole nine.  This was fun as you can imagine!!

The hardest part was getting the batteries from China.  Next time I said we go local.  This slow boat BS doesn’t work for me at all.  Also, the idea of getting batteries made in the USA really really works for me; how about you.Controller

Then the motor components, controller, DC to DC converters.  Ya know.  Look I know ya don’t know, I get it so here is what I will suggest..get a company to convert your car if you do NOT feel comfortable under the hood of a car.  I get that most people don’t but darnit if I can get people to Build Their Own Electric Vehicles what else is there; huh???

Finally, batteries installed and car getting paid job and buff out.  Still waiting to see the car on baited breath…Thanks Eric ;-)  but I know when I do I will write and video some more.