Eco Friendly Milk For Halloween vs SUGAR?? Go with Organic Valley and the World Wildlife Fund

This campaign is all about encouraging families to opt for handing out chocolate milk in single-serve cartons this Halloween, as opposed to the typical junk.

This is healthier for kids and better for the environment – Tetra Pak cartons already have one of the lowest environmental footprints within the packaging industry. The campaign is backed by Hershey’s and Organic Valley, as well as Tetra Pak and World Wildlife Fund.

  • On the Web, users can upload pics of their friends – then the pics are uploaded on the bodies of dancing monsters. When you friends open the e-mail, they see dancing monsters (with the faces of their friends), ready to trick or treat. And below the Web app below is the Trick or Treat Me blog, where parents can find helpful (and healthy) snacking tips — many of which come from the Food Network’s Robin Miller.
  • EVERY TRICK OR TREAT SENT within both the apps and the Web portion is a 10 cents donation to WWF, paid for by Tetra Pak. And we want the most attention given to the Web app (instead of forcing readers to go to Facebook or Twitter), as it keeps them in the medium they are already using. The whole campaign is meant to be fun and holiday-specific, while informing people they can do something this Halloween that is good for kids and the environment. Plus, while having fun, people are donating to World Wildlife Fund – we think this is a huge campaign driver.
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