Hey everyone,

It is so exciting since there is SOOOO much talk about solar energy lately.

I mean, Dow introducing solar shingles, solar paints, all this money from climate change talks being pumped into solar shows the world means business.

1. Here is one thing to ALWAYS remember about solar when ANYONE says it can’t work.  If you take only 9% of the Mohave Desert and power it with solar energy, you could power the ENTIRE UNITED STATES.  (Source: US Department of Energy)

2.  If you take only 1% of the entire sub saharan desert area in Africa and power that with solar you can power the WORLD.

3.  The cost of residential solar has come down so much that it takes a 10 year payback vs a 30 year payback.

4.  Solar thermal can power your hot water at home and it has a 3 year payback and will only reduce your hot water bills.

Process that!!