Ok, We know that great art is very cool to have in your house.  At the EcoLuxe event held by the Go Green Expo there was a really cool artist named Sandhi Shimmel Gold.  I got an interview with her after the EcoLuxe event and it was fun to say the least.

Her art is 100% Hand work.  Absolutely no technology, programs, computers, dies, etc. used to create her art.  Everything is hand-done, hand-painted, hand-cut, hand-applied, hand-embellished, hand-finished.


It would be too simple to say she is inspired by Byzantine mosaics, or those by Louis Comfort Tiffany or Antonio Gaudi… it’s both the assemblage and the color in the materials that moves her.


“I saw a beautiful stained glass portrait in Venice, Italy. Created by a true artisan – of tiny glass tiles in an amazing array of colors. The tiles applied to a sheet of glass, sealed with grout, framed in metal, suspended in front of a light box, glowing. It was too expensive to buy, too heavy to carry – my conclusion: “I have to make that!”

I could not find the colors or sizes in glass. I tried painting glass…no success. I tried ceramic. Too bulky, not enough color.

I viewed the piece shown… and started cutting up accumulated paper and cards – recycling junk mail, advertisements, postcards, greeting cards. Eureka! I got what I was looking for – a portrait in mosaic using an insanely diverse variety of materials. Ink colors are far more diverse than glass or tile… yes – the materials are free, but the talent…priceless” says Gold.

Here is my interview with Sandhi.

    “Are YOU the artist?” – When people meet me in person, they seemed to be surprised – were you expecting someone taller? younger? male? blonde?
    “How long have you been an artist?” – I’ve never not been an artist.
    “How long have you been doing this kind of work?” – I’ve done mosaic work forever. I created mosaic portraits years ago. I’ve always painted in this style…so it’s a natural progression.
    “How did you come up with this idea?” – I’m brilliant. Sounds like a smart-ass answer, but what else would it be? I’m clever, I’m talented, I’m an artist, I’m creative…!

  1. “Why is it so expensive?” – Compared to what? How do you put a price on my talent… or the time it takes to create a fabulous piece of art from nothing? A canvas is blank – and after a while it is filled with color & texture – my vision transformed to a sustainable image.
  2. “Where do find your materials?” – the mailbox. And, stuff that might have been heading into the recycle bin. Yes, it’s all mine.
  3. Where do I check out your art?” -Read my blog: http://schimmelart.blogspot.com.


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