The Electric Car Conversion is getting pimped out!

Yes, you heard it.  The SAAB 900 is getting its’ Miami Trick this week. Getting pimped out, painted and ready to show that yes we have Built Our Own Electric Car.

My friend Steve Monaco reminded me that looking at the pictures of A Lot To Say is nice but you are getting a car converted, right?  Well, with my friend Eric started this company Electric Cars of NY, LLC and he said why are you helping him?  I thought about it and said to get the car built. You know, hopefully my help will grow the industry a bit.  I don’t know, I in the long run am not gonna jump off a cliff if I don’t help the industry but at least I will try.  To me that makes me the happiest.   

So, I say truck on.. When it gets built I can’t wait to show it to people.  It will be exciting to have though my book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, helped him to convert cars to electric.  That is the seed I did provide and not bad for going to bed at night knowing what I did do to help.

Anyway, next time I see a conversion, I will write about it while it happens vs not.   

However, I will write about the funny stories when I meet people in the car.

To me that is the funniest.

One response to “The Electric Car Conversion is getting pimped out!”

  1. Doing a conversion is a great way to increase the resell value of your car. Switching to electricity will make your car eco-friendly and even provide a better driving experience with it being quiet.

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