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I am really honored to have been asked in the first place to provide an eco party on going green, saving green and feeling great!  So the best part is I get to do this at Trump’s Briarcliff Manor, NY golf course.  I ha never been there before EVER and only drove past it.  Very very nice is really all I can say.  I mean when your hanging out there or just golfing or living; yeah it’s nice.

I had eco flow showerheads from Waterpik, biodegradeable plates, a pretty much all local or organic catering from Cravings in Briarcliff Manor, NY and also I am going to have this water served and presentation from the Green Living Guy on Kangen Water.

I also think what was helpful was the A Lot To Say clothing from the Stanich’s in LA.  They really rocked out the table; added a little tweak needed to make it just loud enough to make a statement but engaging enough that green looks different than most.

So here is the video of the table and my sorry you know what filming it.  Enjoy and hope the view looks cool.  It was nice to drive into.  Back to the grind on the way out!! Here’s the video!!