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I attended this event at the local Solomon Schechter in Hartsdale, NY for going solar.   It was great but the main problem was you couldn’t see the solar installation.  Regardless, I recently received this photo from Dan Singer, Co-Chair of the first annual going green event for the local American Jewish Committee.  So we understand the depth of the event, let’s start with the photo of the solar installation.

Pretty big install; right!  Nice; huh!  I mean common, it looks great to see that.

The installation was done by Mercury Solar Systems out of New York.  Great company that has done some really good installs in the local area.  I believe what also happened was Robison Energy in coordination with Mercury Systems installed the solar system at Solomon Schechter.

So, now that we see what Robison, Mercury and school did, let’s talk about the event. 

Chairman of the American Jewish Committee had some nice words about judaism and the committment to the environment.  He even added that he submitted to President Bush a letter about what he should do regarding our reliance on imported oilsand the necessity to advance our energy concerns.  While I have not seen the letter, I bet it’s chock full of smack-down (as I like to call setences that almost sting when you hear the truth..).  When I get the letter I will report back.

So, then Congresswoman Nita Lowey from New York spoke.  She is great.  Besides her shear happiness that they passed health care and more importantly climate change legislation was making her breath easily and sleeping at night.  Look, I might not agree with some of Lowey’s policies but I certainly appreciate with moving the political football down the field.  I mean Congress at least scored the first down for progress.  Now it’s up to Republicans, Democrats and Indpendents stepping up for real climate change reform. 

Congresswoman Lowey even stepped up to say that the Senate will take up Health Care legislation first and then the climate change bills. 

Talk About Legislation vs Getting It Done

Now, while I don’t even agree with one thing at a time or with the premise that the Senate would think the healthcare debate was more important in the Senate’s order of doing things… we’ll go with the fact the health care is more important in the order..(bad pill to swallow; right)..why would you not at least have President Obama enacting things quicker to save money?

I mean he runs the Federal Buildings and all things federal and he is going to more efficient CFL lighting, no LED standards and no comprehensive energy strategy for the implementation by the government.  I know, competitive bids, blah, blah, we have seen how well that works. This is where the cog is in the wheel.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu and President Obama months ago said they would do things to go green and more energy efficient.  Yet, what have we heard moving forward?? Seriously, ask the question, you haven’t right??

Anyway, so Lowey’s quote goes to the effect of she was very happy to attend the event where school districts in her Congressional district are going green and saving green.  She also was proud of the accomplishments of Congress on climate change legislation and hoped that the Senate would follow suit.  Those were not her EXACT words but you get the idea!

Anyway, there are many other aspects to talk about at this event.  We’ll just leave with the following from the American Jewish Committee.

The United States is the largest consumer and importer of oil in the world.  Much of the oil does not come from the United States and that puts us in a situation where President Bush declared, “Let me put it bluntly: We are too dependent on oil…The low gas prices are not going to dim my enthusiasm to diversity from oil.” (Source, NYT, Oct. 13, 2006

Simply put, we have gone from 36.1% reliance on imported oils in 1974 to 65.5% in 2006!!

What are we doing??

Why don’t we just get things done.. What is stopping us as a country or world to going green on our energy and saving lots and lots on money.  People get silly at this point.  That’s politics.  So I say government, go green in your captial projects and reduce energy costs of the Federal Government so we can can cut our taxes.  Going Green Cuts Taxes.. Yes I said it and it is true.  So let’s start doing it government!

Convert parks vehicles to electric immediately and go solar with backup electricity.

Here is a good start for Congress if they are looking to do green things, investigate heavily why Chrysler decided to pull the electric car.  How appropriate that the name of the car was E.N.V.I.  Thanks for letting me know Chelsea Sexton!

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