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One of the companies that I have not done a good story on and needs to this holiday season is  The are a company that preserves the environment while getting cards for your business, the holidays or whatever they do. 

SO when they print something, new technologies have made it possible to virtually eliminate the negative environmental impact such as chemicals release that have had on the environment.

Chris Gravagna, President of knows that sustainability can be achieved without sacrificing your profit objectives.

The company have nearly 40 years of experience in the industry and have invested heavily in the technology and processes that foster sustainability. All of their production plants are FSC/SFI certified and our corporate philosophy is to seek continuous improvement towards our goal of achieving a carbon neutral footprint.’s philosophy is on

So, yes their vinyl banners, business cards, tents and the like are biodegradeable materials.

That is what companies should be doing to succeed.  A lot more of this. 

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