Table at the entrance to the NYC Green Drinks event provides information about our oceans.

I was quite surprised at the December NYC Green Drinks event since it was different than the year before.  Last year, the event was quite crowded while I was trying to do super networking.  Last year it didn’t work and because I was interested in making business moves.  For example, I was interviewed by Sprig of which I never received the video.  REALLY NICE GUYS!!  However, I also saw Josh Dorfman from the Lazy Environmentalist and Summer Rayne Oakes.  Always good to see friends that I hadn’t seen in a while so it was nice. 

Anyway, it was too crowded to really talk about anything business oriented so it became this crazy party.  Well, that doesn’t help with networking and making moves (well certain moves but sorry I’m married). 

Well, now that we got that off our chest I will get back to the GreenDrinks last night. 

Much more subdued but insirational and uplifting. The Prince George Ballroom was very ornate.  Here is a picture of the ceiling.

 There were dancers expressing themselves through dance about our oceans.

While it is true that 97% of our globe is oceanic waters and we have been acidifying and pollution our oceans with pollution; which there in part lies where climate shift occurs.

Dr. Sylvia Earle really brought it home.  Her work in the oceans, having been an expert and recognizing there are more parts of the oceans we haven’t seen.  I guess it’s as simple of the beginning of her video. 

Dr. Sylvia Earle prior to speaking to the large audience at the NYC Green Drinks.

There are miles of ocean floor that we have yet to discover or understand how it affects our ecosystem. 

As a world, we have a lot to do.  However with Sylvia’s charge this one looks promising.  Why?  Working for National Geographic as an explorer and being a TED recipient (please check out the video for the TED award in the previous article).

Anyway, the oceans have inspired me and also many others.  Even the dancers with their expressive free dance (as I like to call it).

Then there was the singer whose brother David helped her with the song inspired by Dr. Sylvia Earle and her work.

It was great to also give to some of my Green Drink friends the A Lot To Say shirts.  Gave one to Margaret too and it was all in the holiday spirit. 

Finally, one of the best parts of the night was running into Peter Smith, formerly President of the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) and now works with Governor George E Pataki, former Governor of the State of New York on greening the world.  Not friggin bad at al to work for a great person and also doing great things.  That’s what really matters in life people; don’t forget it! 

The other person that was great to see was Carl Vogel, author of Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle.  I introduced Margaret Lydecker to Carl and he presented her with a signed copy of his book.  Very cool.  She agreed to get around NYC one great way would be an electric motorcycle.  Now she wants one!

Great night, great fun

Margaret.  You have some amazing speakers which I will have more articles about. 

Dr. Sylvia Earle and I already agreed that I will do an interview on her, stories on our oceans and more.  For me it’s all new.  Therefore, I want to have several articles to get my head around the larger need too increase oceanic conservation.