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So why would I care about Yoga clothing that is eco friendly as a guy.  Well frankly it’s important to me to know what clothes for my wife, kids and me.  Second reason is that I lost a bet and Pamela Peeters sent my wife samples so to try and be honest about what we thought.

The Other Reason is that Goldie Hawn gives a quote for the story; so I have to write it now!!

At the beginning of the story Pamela Peeters who works with them told me Goldie Hawn wears this eco friendly line of clothing called Samtosa clothing.  I said, get a quote from her and I’ll write a story.  If not, no story as a friendly bet.  Then I get the email that says, “Exhale Spa informed us that Goldie Hawn was seen buying two SAMTOSA tops this weekend, she even wore one in class.  Then they spoke with Goldie and she said “She said they fit great, she wore it during a class than bought another one after class.  :))”


exhaleSo I lost the bet and am writing the story.  Nice Job Pamela!

Another reason is that the Founders of the clothing line are men  So WTF why women clothing, ahhhhh now I get it.  David Eber and Wayne Malen.  They are longtime friens an business partners as they were decided to create a comfortable and eco-friendly yoga clothing for women.


They are also into it for three other reasons:

Social: A portion of their revenues goes to the International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA) to combat child exploitation, trafficing and slavery.

Eco: Samtosa clothing is made with bamboo and organic cotton.

Economic: Made in the USA.  In LA.

Store Locations:

New York

Jivamukti Yoga School
841 Broadway 2 floor
NY, NY 10003

Exhale Spa
150 Central Park So.
NY,NY 10019

O2 Living
Yellow Monkey Village
Cross River, NY 10518

Saraswati’s Yoga Joint
1-3 Wall St.
Norwalk,Ct 06850

Greenwich Yoga
328 Pemberwick Rd.
Greenwich,Ct 06831

Washington, DC
Flow Yoga Center
1450 P. St. NW
Washington,DC 20005

They are also available at Jivamukti Munich ( Germany ) and we will soon be available in South Korea.


Written by greenlivingguy

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