Who doesn’t love a sexy eco chef that’s cool, fun and likes rap??  It’s true.  Elyce likes Neyo, JayZ, 50 cent (especially the song In Da Club), cooks great vitamin rich foods for hedge funds, amazing parties in amazing homes and parties like a rock star!!

Elyce tells me her biggest passion is to get schools, health clubs and businesses to serve Real healthy foods.  That’s a goal.  This means talking about health at the source.  That’s silly right.  I mean trying to solve health care at the root.  What we eat!  Elyce means business when she is talking about and eating healthy.

Where Does Elyce Get Her Food?

She shops at Mrs. Greens which is a really great health food store that I eat at and get water from regularly. She gets her meats sent to her that are fed organic grass feed foods. We’ll soon see though if her cooking is good or not?!  Elyce is particular about the poultry and meat she purchases.  All livestock are humanely treated and are hormone-free, free-range and grass-fed..  The farm she purchases from is Dines Farm in New York.

I have to admit though there has been a lot of talk of late regarding how we deliver our food to our plates and I do want to hear what she has to say.  I mean movies like Food, Inc. and I have spoken to dieticians and trainers like Jay Salvati that have helped me to lose a lot of weight recently.  It’s starting to really make sense. 

What is fun and exciting is that Elyce and I believes that if the food that is delivered to these places that she wants we would be much healthier and I can’t disagree with that! Heads up though, she wants to bring healthy food everywhere!!  We are talking students in schools and their cafeterias, office complexes should have healthy food choices too.  It’s a shame that health clubs can serve bad foods or gyms and stadiums.  So Elyce and I got into the fact that the whole 9 yards needs to change and we mean all of it to provide people foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins!!

The great part is the It’s more than just a statement of fact or what she does as a job or a great chef.  It’s the drive.

Bring On The Cooking!
So, then Elyce and I get into a discussion about what is she going to cook for me.  We agree on spicy and non spicy tuna for my wife and I.  I say, bring it on!  I love it since it’s my favorite type sushi so I had to ask myself: Who doesn’t love someone cooking their favorite meal?

I’ll let you know if this meal is good or not.

Video interview to come and podcasts to follow.