If there could be one bunch of people in a room to party the Eco Forum was it in NYC (until Nicole Boyer kicked us all out at the end and the accoustics could have been better) the Rouge Tomate was it.

The Go Green Expo, hosted by Bradford Rand and Seth Berk had CEOs and Exec types together to get some speed networking done in eco style.  They had the energy efficiency guru for Whole Foods, Mrs. Kathy Loftus. Still trying to get a n interview withy so stay tuned on that!

Rouge Tomate For Starters Was A Great Lead In Green Company To Help Out Located in the heart of Manhattan at 10 East 60th St. between Madison and Fifth Avenue, Rouge Tomate features modern American dishes under the direction of Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman. A member of The Green Restaurant Association, the restaurant sets the industry standard in sustainable, environmentally-conscious dining, making abundant use of energy efficient equipment, ecologically certified woods, recycled materials and composting. On the culinary front, Rouge Tomate combines locally sourced seasonal produce with innovative cooking techniques that ignite the natural flavors while heightening the nutritional value of each dish. Founded by Emmanuel Verstraeten in Belgium, Rouge Tomate opened in New York in 2008 and is the first American restaurant to follow a specific, proprietary nutritional guideline called SPE (Sourcing, Preparing, Enhancing).

 Bradford Rand, host of the Eco Forum and head of the Go Green Expo with Donna Distefano CEO / Creative Director of Donna Distefano Ltd.

A Whole New Level To Eco Jewlery

After meeting Donna DiStefano from Donna Distefano Ltd which promotes sustainabililty and local production of diamonds. She is an expert jeweler and goldsmith Donna Distefano creates opulent treasures using Fair Trade gemstones and recycled precious metals. All Donna Distefano jewelry is made by hand in her New York City Atelier utilizing goldsmithing techniques that have endured for centuries. Her commitment to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices are an extension of her desire to change the way America buys jewelry. By partnering with important charities, Donna Distefano is able to literally give back to the communities where the gemstones are mined. Collectors of her medieval and Renaissance inspired jewelry include some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, and fashion. As the former senior goldsmith for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Donna Distefano brings the rich tradition of the court jeweler to the modern luxury marketplace while respecting the earth and its population.

Marcall TP.  I know don’t start with me about talking sh… because I am talking about toilet paper

Then I met one of the great people from Marcall.  You know the toilet paper and paper towel company that uses 100% recycled content!!  Most of the recycled paper used by Marcal® comes from Township and Collection Agencies, and is primarily made up of used magazines, bulk mailings (junk mail), office paper waste and computer print-outs, in addition to scraps or trimmings from printers which would otherwise end up in landfills.  Gotta get that.

Bottom line a good night.  Great companies and more stories to talk about once I figure out which one to start with…..

3 Responses

  1. Great comment. Thank you. However, now based on your comment we can get Marcall to be more green. I will read up on it and tell you what I think. However, recycled content is a good start but there will be NO white washing going on here.Best,Seth

  2. OK. Did the research. Here we go. The US EPA did sue Marcal regarding the pollution the Passaic River from Diamod Alkali Superfund Site.The U.S. government had originally sought damages of $946 million, Marcal settled for $3 million.Here’s the thing, they are doing 100% recycled content and they are one of the few companies doing that. I would only guess that Marcal recognized what they did and are moving forward to do great things. That is all anyone can ask of them; right?

  3. What does the 100% recycled content mean when I have heard that the facial tissue only contains 30% post-consumer material and that the paper towels are 70%? I’m all for saving trees, but I’m not a fan of fooling the public.

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