The Green Living Guy

Here is the first picture that I found and wanted to show everyone that I helped Bravo with the Green Suite and it was a complete honor.  I know I look terrible in the picture but I had just put together 25 gift bags of eco friendy clothing from A Lot To Say, great pens, pads, bags donated by the Briarcliff Manor Library (Thank you Geraldine Mahoney Director of the Libraries!!) and information sheets about the geothermal industry. Plus, Mrs. Greens grocery store donated shakes, vitamins and the like.

Thanks To Sally Golan for making it really happen!!

Sally Golan is an actress, producer and media entreprenuer, originally from Toronto, Canada. With a strong background in public relations and having worked with major film festivals like TIFF, Sundance, Tribeca, The New York Israel Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, Sally realized there was a need for artists to begin representing themselves and stop depending on the middle man. Sally founded Social Exposure Media in April of 2009 out of a passion for connecting people, exposing New York talent, producing high concept events and indie film / TV production. A media conglomerate that forces unity, collaboration and artistic freedom, Social Exposure has grown into a brand known for it’s “Edge” and it’s underground following. Sally Golan is currently executive producing her TV series “Shitty Advice For a Dollar” directed by Alex Merkin, a new art festival for Fall 2011, A Social Media Agency/production company and plenty of wacky events to keep people on their toes!

As Sally prepared a story for me they pimped out The Green Living Guy.  Here is a segment!

Suffice it to say, Park City is abuzz with the usual Sundance Film\ Festival preparation and chatter (I can only imagine the amount of cell satellite usage this little town of 8,000 year-round residents is currently using.) Amidst the screenings, junkets, theatrics, and business, enters the The Green Living Guy, aka Seth Leitman, who has rolled into town with his eco-guns ablazing. Leitman is the author of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle,Build Your Own Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle,  and Green Lighting. He also work as Series Editor to McGraw-Hill on The Green Guru Guides.

quick picture off of ustream video I did at the afterparty

Plus, I am greatful to be working with Aysia Wright and Sally Golan, as mentioned on my blog, who are doing great things for the Festival.  I am also working with Eco Diva TV and Taryn Hipwell.  Taryn is working on an upcycling party at Sundance with the Gibson Guitar party.

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