You heard it.  I’m going to the Sundance Film Festival!!

My sponsor A Lot To is in on the event and it’s a win-win.

We as readers get great interviews and discussions but I will be launching my blog radio show at Sundance.  TBA on interviews except Simran Sethi has already expressed an interest so we will be talking with her on the 24th of January.

Josh Dorfman, the Lazy Environmentalist and I might do a show.  Talk about dueling interviews.

Also, I am open to private interviews on 100% green topics.

Aysia Wright from the Greenloop has allowed me to stay at her Eco Lounge.  The more I get on the location but you should know that it is invite only!  Whatever.  I have come to rok it out.  Coffee house, whatever.  As long as they have wifi!!

The people I have worked with at Sundance have been amazing and I am looking forward to hopefully many years of working with them in the future.

As for me, well I am launching new clients that weekend and doing video for the Lazy Environmentalist,,, The Daily Green and of course, the Green Living Guy.

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