Check out my really fun interview with the Stanich sisters from A Lot To Say eco line of apparel and more

A Lot To Say apparel is one of the best green living products on the market today.  This environmental line that was born was not only all these things, it was also super cute, which was super important. It was made completely of environmentally respectful materials and organic fabrics. And it was made in the USA, which meant no sweatshop labor.

It was a great hit and snagged placement in the gift bags at the Grammys, Sundance and The Image Awards.

But the sisters had more work to do before this line would be all they could make it. They uncovered a true, but startling fact: it took an average of 15-25 gallons of water to traditionally dye just one t-shirt. To them, 15 -25 gallons too many.

They educated themselves further. Not only about the statistics concerning global water shortage but also more regionally about the challenge of California’s strict water conservation policy over the next 5 years. That paired with the issues of toxic dyes and the fact that bamboo and cottons aren’t all that healthy for the planet (they require a lot of processing to make them soft and therefore are not so environmental) they sought to be the pioneers of the ultimate sustainable, environmental shirt to help consumers go green toward simple green living.

Their journey paid off. They found amazingly soft material that people would love to have rub against them. And the best part was, this amazingly comfortable fabric was made entirely of RECYCLED BOTTLES. The materials saved from not having to grow, harvest and process the raw materials not only helped conserve our planet’s limited resources. At the same time, it also played a huge part in removing non-biodegradable materials from our landfills.

Written by greenlivingguy

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