I Know Going Green Is Tough

Let’s talk fuel in your home that’s biodiesel.  For it’s not always easy being green. I mean sometimes it costs more than you’d expect to get an eco-friendly home improvement project up and running. Renewable Energies for Your Home gives you sustainable home energy solutions that won’t drain your wallet or the power grid.

Get the REAL details on generating heat with biomass fuels and other ways to use biodiesel and ethanol in your home.


La Jolla is biotech mecca…
The 92121 zip code, just North of San Diego, has the most biotech companies, 2.8x that of second place (South San Francisco).

Biodiesel. Home. Renewable Energies for your Home
Renewable Energies for your Home

BioHeat Is So Simple

If your home has an oil-fired furnace, bioheat is a viable way to work at keeping you warm in your home.

In my neck of the woods, they sell biodiesel everywhere.  You can probably find a place that is near you on the internet.  At a local gas station near my home in Croton, NY they sell biodiesel for trucks too.

So why haven’t people gone to them..it’s because nobody knows to look.  People that have flex fuel vehicles can’t believe it’s that easy to find or people with oil furnaces can’t understand that it’s so easy to find.  Yet here is the thing.  Every time I tell a person they can buy pure ethanol for their H2 or their big car, they are overwhelmed with the thank you’s.

No thanks, just go buy some bioheat.

The Original Engine From Diesel Was Powered on Vegetable Oil..That’s How Easy Green Is

To think that over 100 years ago, a man by the name of Rudolph Diesel invented the engine and was first powered on vegetable oil.  There was no diesel engine or diesel fuel.  There was an industry that found the remaining leftovers when you refine gasoline fuel were a perfect fuel (in their opinion).  However, vegetable oil was the true meaning of the engine.

His dream was to give them access to a technology that would help them in their own lives.  Not to create a fuel or engine or to make money.  So let’s rebuild his dream and start using biodiesel and bioheat.

Did you know…

Renewable Energies For Your Home

The term “biofuel” describes any fuel that has a biodegradable component.

The word biodiesel (small b; also called B100) describes a pure alternative fuel that can be made from any agricultural fat or oil. Rudolph Diesel ran the world’s first diesel engine on peanut oil.

B100 is:

Non-toxic, and the only alternative fuel to have passed rigorous EPA health effects testing. It is less toxic than table salt.
Biodegradable, not harmful to humans or other animals & biodegrades faster than sugar.
Renewable, because it’s a farm product, not a fossil fuel.
Domestically Produced, so it cuts imports of oil, helps the U.S. economy, and helps provide energy security.

B100 can be blended with standard #2 heating oil or diesel fuel. Once blended they are called BioHeat®, or BioDiesel.

BioHeat® & BioDiesel are:
Easy and convenient to use. They require no equipment modifications.
Premium fuels that provide superior (30X better than petroleum) lubrication & component cleaning high solvency, so your equipment runs smoother and lasts longer.

Cleaner Burning with Lower Emissions.

They are Earth friendly and better for public health. They help stop global warming, and reduce acid rain.
Safer than straight petroleum with a much higher flash point. Money Saving. While priced about the same as regular fuels, BioHeat and BioDiesel reduce maintenance costs, which saves you money.

Source: Independence Energy Incorporated

While you are at it, here is the best part..If you take a diesel generator to power your home, you can set it up as a cogeneration unit that provides power and heat for those of you who want to go green.

The majority of this article was an except from Renewable Energies For Your Home By Russel Gehrke 

This book is part of the TAB Green Guides. 
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