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Sources (CNN) and (MotorTrend) and GMVolt Blog

Reports are now indicating that GM is in negotiations with Internet search giant Google to form an OnStar partnership for Google-powered cars.

In the deal, which could be announced this summer, GM cars including the Volt could be deployed with the Android operating system, that Google has developed for smart phones.

The technology would allow the cars to seamlessly pair with a myriad of smartphones and other electronic devices as well as to pull and push data  from Google’s massive server farms.

Google maps, real-time data, voice and search services would then become part of the vehicular experience, along with access to online entertainment.  Undoubtedly, Google will also gladly store all of your trip information for you including drive routes, destinations, time courses, traffic patterns, fuel efficiency and who knows what else.  According to Motor Trend, Google data and the Android operating system would simply replace OnStar by making it obsolete.

The technology could expand functions beyond the vehicle too.

“We’re aggressively working right now to see how we can extend the OnStar business even beyond automotive,” said Chris Preuss, GM’s vice president of OnStar.

“We’re not going to violate that safety and security tenet that’s a core of our brand,” said Preuss.

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