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Richard Herbert has sent Matter of Trust his invention a hair boom floating cage. $25 to make. It can hold many hair booms aligned in rows. They can sit low and skim oil off the surface. Herbert’s trap door invention for the containment boom prevents the oil from escaping and allows the hair boom to collect as much as possible.

Matter Of Trust, establised in 1998, is an ecological public charity that links ideas, sparks action and materializes flourishing systems. It concentrates on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-education.

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Hair Mat Oil Spill Flyer

Student Handout

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Can Any Hair Salon Participate??  YES!!!!!!

Hair Teacher Demo

Everyone can!
No matter where you are. No matter if you’re with a salon or groomer or if you’re a volunteer.
First, please SIGN UP to our Excess Access program. It’s FREE and FAST.
It is our mass donation matching database system.

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