Here are several reasons why the MKZ hybrid electric vehicle from Lincoln rocks on being energy efficient, green and an eco friendly hybrid.

1. The car drives ALL electric up to 47 miles per hour.  This is basically a city electric car given to you in a hybrid (two for the price on one).

2.  According to the US Department of Energy estimates, if you drive

Lincoln MKZ hybrid

around town the mileage increases from the measly 41 miles per gallon it can become 220 miles per gallon.

3.  Pretty much the only emissions start occuring after 47 miles per hour,  The less you hear the engine, the more electric the vehicle becomes and that is zero tailpipe emissions.

4.  Electric cars save energy, zero tailpipe emissions during an all electric commute.

5.  By using an all electric car around you even reduce tailpipe emissions and pollutants that go into the air.  Then as an asthmatic I don’t have to then breathe in these toxins while walking around town.

Source: Ford Motor Company


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