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Sources at Deep Water Horizon and I spoke about the remediation and cleanup of the Gulf Coast.

I started off the interview by asking this source if he was aware of the possibility of using hay for cleanup since it has been widely known as a GREEN possibilty for cleanup.  They are now using skimmers as well as the 120 stations across the Gulf area so far to work on cleanup. 

However, he mentioned that there have been over 8,000 suggestions vetted. Those suggestions that are considered worthy are then allowed to get vetted by a group of mechanical, electrical engineers and other crew members from BP and the Federal Government.  The standards vetted meet the ANSI Standard which is the American National Standards Institute. 

The Deep Water Horizon spokesman stated that they were aware of the option but since when you soak up the oil and there is still a residue, they chose not to use it.  However, when posed with the question about if local communities can use hay, he commented he “would get back to me…”

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Then I posed the question about how the remediation stations were being used.  He indicated that they have mechanical devices that are approved by the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to cleanup the oil.

I then asked what where BP’s next steps were.  He added that the EPA has even requested that BP bring back the toxic cleaning products to clean at the source of the spill so as to reduce the amount of the dispersant.  They added that they have reduced the total use of chemical dispensants by 75%. 

However, their main concern right now is to stop the oil leaking.  So they are working on the cap.  Once that works they will consider other strategies.  When I asked the Coast Guard Officer from Strike Force all these questions though there was one difference.  He was talking and working for us.  The American People.  There was no question in my mind that if somebody thought that blowing up the rig to stop the leaking was more important than BP getting more oil from this pipe, we’ll let’s just leave it at that….

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