Cleantechies blog post about if all vehicles were electric vehicles. blog is a new website I started writing for recently.  It seems like a great website for green living information.  In this article I wanted to expand the understanding of electric vehicles.

As I said in the article, “I have worked with hundreds of early adopters of pure electric cars over the years. John’s story said that electric cars or plug-in hybrids do not recoup their initial upfront cost. However, most of these studies refer to only specific areas where you save, such as fuel costs. Yet when you include the brakes, the oil, the spark plugs, the engine or all the other complex aspects that cost money to maintain on an internal  combustion vehicle, electric cars most of that initial upfront cost.  I believe this is the way some car companies afford to build a hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or electric car.”

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