tries to meet every month somewhere in Westchester County.   GreenDrinks Westchester events are free except you will have to belly-up to the bar to buy your own drinks and food!

Contact Seth Leitman at if you’d like more info or to be put on the
e-list for a monthly reminder.

Or, go directly to the Yahoo Page to sign up.

Also, you can visit us on Facebook. We add really great posts there from Treehugger, Planet Green, Greenopia, Katonah Green and others.

The next event will be on June 29th (YES TOMORROW) at Pizzeria Uno in White Plains.

Thanks Natural Awakenings for adding this to your magazine for this months eventCheck it out at:

Also, thanks to Katonah Green for their support too!!

I’ll be speaking about how the Green Guru Guides can help you go green.

For more please check out my website at The Green Living Guy.

This is the real deal!!

So bring your businesses green idea, or your successful business.  Together is the only way the green economy is going to work. 

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