For over 20 years, Ultrafabrics has made environment friendly products that are breathable, PVC free, and low volatile organic compounds (VOC).  They even just received the Green Guard label so NOW they’ve got my seal of approval.

Ultrafabrics meets all emissions and environmental criteria mandated by the U.S. EPA, USGBC, EU, as well as Canadian sustainable standards.Brisa is one of the lines of eco fabric used by Ultrafabrics.

Their products are a cruelty-free, socially responsible and a healthy alternative to leather and animal hides.
This even helps to keep transportation costs down since the product is lighter than leather.

Finally, Brisa does not contain plasticizers, heavy metals or stabilizers; and is free of VOCs (CA 01350 compliant), POPs, HFRs (Halogenated Flame Retardants) and formaldehyde. Since most spills and stains clean easily with mild detergent and water, there’s no worry about toxic chemicals and harsh cleaners polluting your air. The process they use to create Brisa captures and recycles 99% of all solvents used in production.

Once again this ultrafabric is in most of the planes, trains and automobiles, doctors offices, homes, boats you name it.  This is what you won’t have to worry about breathing in when sitting on it!!

“Achieving the GREENGUARD Certification demonstrates Ultrafabrics commitment to environmental excellence, healthy lifestyles and sustainable living”, said Danielle Boecker, President of Ultrafabrics.  “The GREENGUARD Certification will now allow architects, designer and consumers to quickly identify such Ultrafabrics products as BRISA®, ULTRALEATHER™ and PROMESSA as a healthier choice for indoor environments.  And having a third party product certification based upon the environmental performance of all UF products was very important to us”.

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