Governor George Pataki was the Governor when I worked for the State of NY.  He has told me personally that electric cars “are his passion”.  So let’s be clean here.  It should not be surprising that Former Governor George Pataki loves electric cars and has called for 40% of the nations transportation should be electric.  It’s not that difficult is we try.

Here is his comments recently quoted in Green Car Congress and other websites.

It is an ambitious goal, but I also think it is achievable. The key here is to end our overreliance on foreign oil, and to do that we need to break the transportaion monopoly of petroleum products providing fuel, which is currently the case. One of the best ways, I believe, technologically and from a market standpoint, to do that is through electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles….

It’s an aspirational goal. Look as what the iPod did to CDs in ten years to CDs. CD sales have plummeted because a new technology has, in major ways, replaced it. Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have the potential to be that disruptive. The opportunity exists for us to do far more than make incremental addition to the non-petroleum-fueled fleets and do something that is truly transformative.

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