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Using Google Earth, Oceana will be protecting the Arctic Ocean in the face of climate change and other threats.

The Google Earth rock star tour is being called “Protecting the Arctic Ocean with Ted Danson and Oceana”.  It’s going to take visitors on a tour of the Arctic.  Finally, It will be highlighting the impacts of climate change on melting sea ice. As well as did and ocean acidification. All coming from industrialization from shipping, fishing and oil and finally gas.ted danson being interviewed by Green Living Guy

In conclusion, Take the tour


At the Heart of Green Awards, I interviewed Ted Danson and Gloria Ruben. Yet for Oceana, Danson details his journey. All from joining a modest local protest in the mid-1980’s to oppose offshore oil drilling near his Southern California neighborhood. Consequently and all to his current status as one of the world’s most influential oceanic environmental activists. In addition, testifying before congressional committees in Washington, D.C.  Finally and addressing the World Trade Organization in
Zurich, Switzerland. Finally and most noteworthy all for helping found Oceana. Now the largest organization in the world focused
solely on ocean conservation.

Finally and In his incisive, conversational voice, Danson describes what has happened to our oceans in just the past half-century. All as a result ranging from the ravages of overfishing and habitat destruction. All to the devastating effects of ocean acidification and the wasteful horrors of fish farms. Danson also shares the stage of Oceana with some of the world’s most respected authorities in the fields of marine science and commercial fishing.  Most noteworthy environmental law and as well as with other influential activists.

So combing vivid, personal prose with an array of stunning graphics, charts, and photographs.
Therefore Oceana powerfully illustrates the impending crises and offers solutions that may allow us to avert them. Thereby showing you the specific courses of action you can take to become active, responsible stewards of our planet’s most precious resource—its oceans.

Finally, Download “Google Earth Tour: Protecting the Arctic Ocean with Ted Danson and Oceana” (PDF)

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