Thank You Green Drinks Westchester County For the Memories.

Yes, it’s true.  Dani Glaser is the new President of Westchester County Green Drinks.  She is the right person for the job and will take it to many new levels.  Since I have known Dani we have worked on many levels and every single time I knew that she got it, cared and wanted to make green inclusive, expansive and realistic for green business to know. 

She is on the

  • Westchester County – Climate Change Advisory Council, Business Sector
  • Cortlandt Energy Conservation Committee
  • Westchester County Global Warming Task Force

    As the founder Green Team Spirit, Dani “combines her wealth of business experience with her passion for the environment and a healthier, more sustainable world. With 30 years of experience in marketing, communications, technology, advocacy, non-profit development and research, Dani recognizes that a time of great challenge is a time of great opportunity, and those organizations that embrace the cultural shift toward green business will be the ones poised to succeed in the future.

    As a member of the Westchester County Global Warming Task Force, Dani served on the Business Sector committee where she studied various models for green business network development. Her advocacy of a “green team” approach to address environmental and social issues at the organizational level is a direct result of this work.

    Dani has a background in direct marketing, media communications and non-profit development. She has been a loyal advocate for environmental issues for many years, and serves on several councils to address climate change in Westchester County, NY and local communities.”

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