Solar Homes Do Better In Real Estate Market.

A while back I wanted to do a bunch of stories on solar energy.  Brian Clark Howard from the Daily Green had sent me some of his articles.  As I glanced over the email that said solar homes doing better in the real estate market, I said hey, what’s up?
While I recognized it to be a matter of fact, it is always great to have articles explaining effectively the results from the real estate market.  That’s why I say that: Green living is Everything.
According to Brian’s article:
“Those builders are seeing that they’ll get more buyers coming to their developments when they have solar. They sell like hot cakes,” Bernadette del Chiaro, an energy specialist at the advocacy group Environment California, told the Los Angeles Times. The Times also quoted Julie Blumden, a vice president at San Jose-based solar tile maker SunPower Corp., as pointing out that the increase in sales velocity is actually paying for the solar systems.

Improving technology and uncertainties in the housing market are clearly contributing to solar energy’s recent rays of hope. Record high oil prices and on-going violence and instability in the Middle East may be playing a role as well, brought even closer to home for some by the president of Iran’s recent controversial speech at Columbia University.

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Solar Homes Do Better In Real Estate Market.

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