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A while back at a press business expo conference I attended, there was this company nth Solutions, LLC that made this product called the LeakAlertor to help with your water in your toilet.  I had to hear about this for the laugh!!

LeakAlertor that was talking about losing money with your toilet. I had to hear about this one.. They told me that the flapper on my toilet deteriorates and allows water to fall down the whole to increase the demand for water. No good since I have crazy water taxes where I live in Briarcliff. Anyway, this LeakAlertor through electronics is a constant monitor for my toilet to determine water leakage. So far so good. It went off once once with the red light going off and a beeping sound. However, I realized that the toilet was leaking water that I could not hear or see when the water goes from the tank into the toilet bowl.  Once I flushed the toilet, problem fixed.  This product alerts you.  Don’t worry about that!!

However most people (meaning 9 out of 10 times!!) need to replace the flapper!!  So flap off and get a new flapper!!

Really I am not joshin ya. It works on my toilet and this video will further prove it.

However, Lauren Egolf from nth Solutions, LLC (the company name) said you can lose 200 gallons per day if not watched, which on average could cost an additional $500 per year.  Probably in Briarcliff it’s al lot more, but we won’t go there.

More importantly, the product is 100% Made in the USA. So get an electronic monitor to watch your water bill go down on your toilet which is cash in YOUR pocket!!  Talk about a tax cut.

You’re gonna love this thing everyday you see it green.  So think of the fact that if you have a toilet leak you are losing crazy money every month. Watch this video to find out how much the flapper is leaking.

So then I started to read more of their website and was amazed at their engineering and technical know how.  Crazy amount of US patents and and engineers for a toilet flushing monitor.  I mean how many engineers does it take here?  Just kidding but I had to go there.

It was calling me!!!

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