The book review by Treehugger was fantastic.  I mean it not only went into the DIY aspect but it also talked about Russel Gehrke the author.  Gehrke is a great guy and can come up with anything possible based on his technical know-how.  He is beyond a beautiful mind when it comes to alternative energy with solar and bio-diesel.

While some parts of Russel’s book discuss electric cars, Russel is totally a bio-diesel kind of guy versus an electric car.  That’s cool though since it’s his book and his ideas to bring to the picture.

Renewable Energies For Your Home. The book review by Treehugger was fantastic. I mean it not only went into the DIY aspect but it also talked about Russel Gehrke

As Russel writes:

The true harm fossil fuels cause may not be understood for years. One thing is certain: We do affect the natural balance, noticeably or not. The biggest risk my be global climate change. No one knows for sure if humankind is to blame, but if it is true, the big question is: Can we fix it? The fact is that renewable energy does reduce carbon emissions, and the sooner we implement their widespread use, the better things will be for all of us. Not to mention the positive effects that renewable energy has on a nation’s health.

Bio-diesel is definitely better than diesel for sure so rock it out Russ for the Green Guide series! Also thank you Treehugger and their green book review!!

Source: McGraw-Hill Professional and Russel Gehrke

The one thing not mentioned in the book is that Russel Gehrke uses Carl Vogel’s electric motorcycle as written in Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle.  We’ll get to that review later though.  One book at a time!

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