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Even though this is step three in the total conversion process, I thought it would be good to go over it since it is important. 

Also, there have been critics of the book that didn’t fully read the book to know there question was answered.  More importantly that the book Buiild Your Own Electric Vehicle is now just about you converting a car. 

This book is about buying a converted electric car from someone else; if you want to.  There are many more people in this world that are not mechanics or that convert cars to all electric.  So, if you are not a mechanic or skilled in such matters, there is a list of conversion companies in the back of the book. 

It’s about knowing your suppliers for the electric propulsion system and other componentry for your car. 

So here we go:

Even if you go out and buy an EV ready-made, you still want to know what kind of job the manufacturer has done, so you can decide if you’re gettuing the best model for you.  In all other cases, you’ll be doing the optimizing, either by the choices you’ve made up front in chassis selection or by other decisions you make later on doing the conversion.  In this section, you’ll be looking at key points that contribute to buying smart:

This is an excerpt form my book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

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