In GreenDrinks across the Tri-State area are swaths of people and tables.  One says this and one says that.  Here’s the thing about it:

1) You do pay more money for now. However, make sure the green you buy is really green. 

2) You are buying those electrons from somewhere; right?  I am currently in the belief that in my area, Green Mountain Energy is the greenest energy I can buy.  I am considering signing up but I want to write more cool things about different LEDs that will help my house to do video and write about.  Stay tuned.  The thing is I know they don’t use coal, nuclear or natural gas!!  I already sell for Green Mountain Energy commercial division.  

I think this ad is so great!!!

So if you know anyone that wants to save money and go green power just let me know.  I just completed the United Martial Arts Center in Briarcliff Manor.  They will be saving about 40% on electricity supply alone.  Then I’m gonna help them save more energy too!!

3) Then we get more energy efficient bulbs, weather stripping and duct tape.  I know, I’m there with you!  So then you get some copper piping for the water and other small things.  Collectively, they all add up to.

4) Get some insulation too!!  The majority of attics in this country and underinsulated. You’ll save money quickly!! A single bat (you know rolled up insulation in packages you’ve seen at The Home Depot. That will save you in a lot of spaces in your attic.  YOU’LL SAVE CASH!!

5) Special thanks to Bradford Rand at the Go Green Expo and now more importantly the Eco Luxe rock out for getting me an interview with The Home Depot!

6) Green energy from Green Mountain Energy or your local green utility (make sure they are green) and save cash in the long run.  Also, my Green Guru Guides book with McGraw-Hill Professional and David Findley is Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audits.  140 Simple Solutions to Save You Money, Energy and the Environment.

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