Yes, you heard hear first!!!

I just got word that my co-author of Green Lighting, Brian Clark Howard at The Daily Green that he is going to be in a Nissan Leaf as the pace car for the New York City Marathon.  It’s great to build your own electric car like Nissan has done.  Especially because it’s Built in the United States (batteries to manufacturing). 

The Nissan Leaf being in the NYC Marathon also shows how Lance Armstrong is working to get the Leaf to become part of our culture and way of life.  So Brian say hello to Lance for me!!

I appreciate the fact that Nissan is making this car a reality.  Just like a Toyota Prius hybrid electric car took time to become a million vehicle fleet, so will the Leaf and more.  Why do I say that.  Oops, they all ready sold their current production!  You’ll have to wait for one since they can’t produce them fast enough.  It’s true.  Check it out!

The NYC Marathon Reports:

The 100% electric Nissan LEAF Breathe Easy Tour will be hitting the streets of NYC in the weeks leading into the ING New York City Marathon. The Breathe Easy Tour offers New Yorkers a lot of fun, free swag, and a chance to win a new Nissan LEAF. The tour starts on October 25. Check every day to find out where to go to see the car and get great free goodies.

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