The New York Times recently reported in an article called, “U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels”, by Elisabeth Rosenthal that the military has ordered for the reduction of their reliance on fossil fuels.  As we all know when the military gets involved, the price comes down and is getting ready for market on a really really large scale.

According to the article in the New York Times article, they are still in the testing phase of this initiative.  However they are cooling a place using a pipe drilled into the cool part of the earth; about 8 feet.  These are venting tents in the desert. 

Solar fans on the roof of the tent extricate the desert air and replaces it with cool air. 

Major Paul Greenberg/U.S.M.C.The Marines are working to develop a water purification system using solar energyAnother one I found interesting in her article was building small scale biofuel plants to transform local crops into fuel.  The New York Times thinks illegal poppies are a good idea what about algae?

Bottom line the military is going green.  That should only mean good things at home inevitably.  Let’s just not make nuclear green now!  That leaves s$%&*%$t behind to content with.  Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal and Algae.

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