Top Three Things That Are Cool and Great About A Lot To Say 100% Recycled Plastic Apparel.

The story I recently did on an old sponsor of mine, A Lot To Say.  Since2014-01-28 08.15.32 I started working with them the work has drawn a lot of support in all facets on my life.  From Sundance Film Festival to promoting an amazing clothing line that has the potential to really change the clothing industry. 

More importantly, here are the Top Three things that worked well for me by wearing A Lot To Say shirts2010-02-14 14.44.50.

First, my son recently wore one to school and got into a discussion with one of his friends (third graders mind you) and asked Tyler would my son be wearing a shirt that is made of if the plastic if it was a bad thing.  I told Tyler to tell the boy that wearing the recycled plastic is better because the plastic is not in the landfill and the bad chemicals are not touching his skin.  He liked that.  I liked it to and also understood ecometrics enough to have a conversation with Jennifer from A Lot To Say about the metrics but was amazed at the care to detail on learning what they really did reduce on their carbon footprint.

Second: When I go to Starbucks I am amazed by the comments I get in how great my Fuel shirt looks, makes a statement and feels (especially when I tell them it is 100% recycled plastic).

Third: Understanding this whole ecometrics thing was very helpful to explaining to myself how we can wrap all of these emission, water and any other metric was to make them ecometricics.  Catchy!  According to and by using AIRDYE® technology, they save 1,132,500 MJ of energy, 157,500 gallons of water and 57,500 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions.

This analyis was performed by AirDye since their technology was in part used to make the shirt.  This information was calculated from a Life Cycle Assessment of the AirDye® process. This data is verified through third party review of certified research. Data is available upon request. Industry averages for conventional process impact is derived from published data by government, industry and academic research. Additional information is available at 08.40.05

Support the Electric Car Movement by getting an electric car shirt from A Lot To Say by clicking here.  Also, use GLGT with your purchase by mentioning The Green Living Guy Tour for 10% off.  Finally, a percentage of the proceeds already are donated to environmental causes.  For more information, Click HERE !!

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