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Well Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Nissan’s gone and build their own electric car called the Nissan Leaf.  They built so many that I got the headsup today from Nissan that they are building their own electric vehicle.  The best part is it’s getting delivered.

Released exclusively on Facebook, Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn shared a personal note with the Nissan LEAF Facebook community about the significance of the Nissan LEAF launch today. Ghosn chose Facebook to personally recognize those who have actively discussed, debated and championed the Nissan LEAF: the first mass-marketed 100% electric vehicle. As Nissan pursues Innovation For All with their full vehicle line-up, Ghosn acknowledges that electricity is the new fuel for cars. See his full comments (feel free to quote) on Facebook.

Nissan Leaf Join us! If you’re on Twitter, we’ll be sharing using the hashtag #firstLEAF from @NissanLEAF.

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