Toshiba’s got an Environmental Vision for 2050 called:

A Higher Quality of Life for Earth’s Future Generations

Toshiba is working to explain it sustainable practices with a campaign called “process, products, and technology.”


How Toshiba considers its impact to the environment throughout every stage of its manufacturing process.  In addition they are focusing on all other business areas, including shipping, packaging, and product energy consumption and “end-of-life” cycle.


Toshiba is creating some of the world’s most advanced products and also thinking sustainable at the same time.  Here are some of their products planned to launched.

– A unique Home Energy Management System (HEMS) that connects home equipment through a network to maintain optimal operating energy consumption;

– The revolutionary SCiB™ battery, better charge time rechargeable ion battery solution for applications ranging from electric bicycles to uninterruptible power systems – designed to offer 90% charge capacity in as little as 10 minutes;

– New energy-producing solar panels currently being implemented on multiple solar plant projects underway in Japan;

– New second-generation LED lights, EPEAT Gold™ laptop, and the company’s new ENERGY STAR™ 3D Television, Model 55WX800.

Can I get one of those huh!! Nice, just kidding!!

Good technology coming our way!!

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