THINK also is working Tom Wood Automotive in Indianapolis to support the sale and service of THINK City electric cars in the metropolitan area.

“We are excited to be a part of the future of the auto industry, which represents green, sustainable cutting-edge technology,” said Jeff Wood, CEO of Tom Wood Automotive.  “The fact that the cars are built in Indiana and are being sold as part of Project Plug-IN, makes it part of a community effort that we want to support.”

By early 2011, Project Plug-IN will place 100 or more electric vehicles and supporting charging infrastructure with government and corporate fleets, as well as selected individual commuters, across the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

“I’m spending a lot of time talking to people about electric cars,” she continued.  “Usually they want to know how many miles it goes on a gallon [of gas].  They are surprised to find out it does not use any gas and that this technology is here and available today.”

“Electric utilities and their employees are a natural extension of our fleet strategy,” said THINK spokesperson Brendan Prebo.  “By targeting electric utilities in the early deployment of EVs, we can help address several important challenges to the successful commercialization of these cars, such as establishing residual values for batteries, the cost of installing infrastructure and understanding the local impact of charging networks on the grid.  Electric utilities are impacted by all of these issues, not only as customers, but also as fuel and service providers.”

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