While I was at the International Auto Show in Detroit I ran into a buddy Leilani Munter.  She was hanging out with and partnering up with the Inizio electric car.

According to their website (I didn’t take a picture, like an idiot!):

This fantastic supercar will be available in two models. The more basic model will be capable of speeds up to 170 mph and the more powerful version will be capable of speeds up to 200 mph. This luxurious sports car was first shown at the New York Auto Show and was designed by the same engineers responsible for the success of our WAVE II.

The Inizio has superb acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds. The Inizio is manufactured using our advanced (proprietary) lithium-ion battery packs that can recharge in eight hours or less depending upon the current used, and has a range of up to 200 miles per charge. As with all electric cars produced by Li-ion Motors, the Inizio, does not contain oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, timing belts, or V-belts, and has fewer maintenance cost than gas powered vehicles.  

The Inizio was custom designed and developed from the ground up by LMCO’s top engineers and fabricators. The Inizio was designed to exude visual appeal while ensuring optimum comfort unlike some high-end sports cars. The spacious interior easily accommodates our taller consumers. The car’s removable hardtop stores inside the vehicle and multi functioning power seats add both heating and cooling capabilities to the Inizio’s adjustable seats. The production chassis has removable battery pods, allowing us to offer an extreme power plant upgrade to the propulsion package upon the customer’s request.  

The INIZIO, high-end electric transportation for the next generation.

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