The Green Living Guy

In a story at sustainablog, I wrote about my experiences on the Green Living Guy book tour.  It was fun to write this piece since I talked about electric cars and taxis.  Here is an excerpt of the story.

Back in October I was on The Green Living Guy book tour, which included all of my books in the Green Guru Guides series. I went to Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey (for starters). However, I was doing business with my sponsors A Lot To Say, Inc. for the trip, and the Stanich sisters (who own the company) insisted I go to San Francisco since I was in the area. When I got there, I was so impressed with the electric trolleys all over the place that I called the Mayor’s Office (in San Francisco) to say “Hey, get some questions answered about emission reductions and energy savings for the city since they use electric trolleys.”  Days before an event with Project Better Place, they asked if I was going to be in town. I wasn’t, but this is the dish: they’ve gone electric with their taxis.

For the entire Project Better Place electric car and environmental program story, click here.

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