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Tilton, NH – January, 2011 – The smaller sizes of the custom post and beam barns and buildings offered by leading DIY kit building manufacturer, Shelter-Kit, Inc. (, provide their customers with substantially more benefits than the average pre-built shed sold at many big-box home and garden retailers.  Known for over 40 years for their exceptional quality, Shelter-Kit’s small buildings are remarkably versatile, both in aesthetic appearance, and in function, as they can be used for storage, workshops, barns, pool houses, garages, garden sheds and hobby spaces.  

Typically, the pre-built structures offered en masse at big box centers and elsewhere are limited by standard designs and lower-quality wood-based, plastic and/or aluminum materials.  On the contrary, Shelter-Kit’s customizable barn-style buildings start with a compact 16’x 16’ and are available in larger sizes, up to 36’ wide. They are created individually for each customer with high quality wood materials and hardware (of substantially better quality than what is found in most “standard” sheds).

As with all Shelter-Kit products, each of these small buildings are produced as a pre-cut kit specifically designed to be assembled by amateurs. Shelter-Kit buildings have the flexibility to be built in tight or remote locations, which is not the case with most pre-assembled sheds and cabins.  Shelter-Kit was founded in 1970 with the goal of designing and producing buildings primarily for assembly by customers with no prior building experience.   The first was a “Unit One” cabin, and from there, the company expanded into the modular and expandable “Lofthouse”, then on to barn and garage kits, and Barn-House and Green Home kits (all the kits come with the necessary materials to build a complete, weather-tight shell).  Shelter-Kit products are designed to be buttoned up quickly and easily – they can be assembled by only two people in 3 -15 days, depending upon the size of the structure.

“’The Do-it-Yourself’ nature of our product allows customers significant cost savings, but with the ability to maintain exceptional quality,” says David Kimball, owner of Shelter-Kit.  “There are no added expenses of contractors and builders, plus since all of our products are manufactured at our facility, there is significantly less waste – which results in further savings for our customers, as well as an eco-advantage, which is extremely important.” 

Moreover, Shelter-Kit’s barns are priced to be competitive with the big box sheds.  The 16’x16’ barn begins at $9,950 for standard kit, and the 24’x24’ barn is only $19,950, and the precut kits come with detailed, easy-to-understand instructions as well as all the hardware needed for owner assembly.  Furthermore, says Kimball, “all our products, including our barns, are built for longevity, and also to comply with the national building code, including for use in high wind and/or seismic areas – an important consideration for all consumers.” 

Shelter-Kit is in its 41st year, and customers throughout the US, Canada and several foreign countries have assembled their Shelter-Kit buildings by themselves (women, in particular, make up a large portion of their customers).  To learn more about Shelter-Kit and their barn offerings, please visit them online at, or call (603) 286-7611 for more information. 

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